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Kids Intelligence Study Book

Kids Intelligence Study Book

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E- book learning fun, includes many learning fun-filled activities 10 learning pages with sound and 10 with other activity pages, Fun Story, songs, and melodies; best early reader book!

There are 10 Pages with various images such as Letters, Numbers, Fruit, Animals, Vehicles, relationships, and Musical instruments.

The book is also equipped with children's Rhymes and Stories in complete electronic language, touchpad model, and clear phonics, in English.

Toddlers and young children get a head start with educational learning read or quiz modes. Read mode is also present which reads all the content on the page automatically 2.5+ year kids can use this book.

NOTE : Each Page has a Start Button on its Right Side. Press it Before Using the Page

Engage your child's development, curiosity, and creativity with fun sounds, familiar songs and playful melodies; this educational toy encourages learning and development.

This sound book is printed in attractive colors, ensuring quality vision stimulation For young kids. Buttons corresponding with the pictures enhance the Effectiveness of learning.

This sound book is undoubtedly exceptional for training kids' cognitive skills. Designed for children 3 years+; enhances child development, and active learning and makes learning fun; develops educational skills needed for preschool and beyond



COLOURFUL AUDIO INTERACTIVE LEARNING BOOK: FunBlast Phonetic Learning book has multiple modes to help children learn alphabets and spellings. Every page has button please press the switch first to start the page. As a child presses the image on the book, the sound of the alphabet, the word and spelling are played.

LEARNING BOOK FOR PRESCHOOL TO INTRODUCE ALPHABETS AND NUMBERS: Touching the words on the pages plays the words, sound effects and fun facts; hear the Learning Friends theme song and My Favorite Word by pressing the light-up star button. Fitted with a sound censor, this one of its kind books interacts with kids and responds as they touch the images to help them understand and learn in a play way method.

HELPS LEARN ABOUT NUMBERS, ALPHABET, ANIMALS, VEHICLES, SHAPES, RELATIONSHIP, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, AND COLORS: This is a complete and exhaustive preschool book for toddlers which includes all basic learning from animals, fruits, vehicles, shapes and colors using colorful pictures and lovely sounds.

EDUCATIONAL BOOK WITH MUSIC AND SOUND: Children are always captivated with good music. The toddler can listen to 5 music songs while reading this book. It Can develop kids Imagination, Vision, and Self-Learning skill, and also increase relationship.

Directions To Use: 
  • Install 3 AA Batteries (Not Included) and press the On/Off Switch,
  • Each page has a mode button on its top right corner, activate and touch alphabets or numbers.
  • The touching sensor operates to play the word, letter, number, or activity.
  • Easy to Use and comes with volume Up/Down and Read buttons on the left top corner.

  • Age range: 3+ years old
  • Material: Paper
  • Sizing: 15.5 cm x 19 cm
  • Battery requirements: 3 AA Batteries (Not Included)

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